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Tyre Size Information

Ordering the correct size of snow sock is essential to ensuring that they provide your vehicle with the ultimate protection and reliability. These are not one-size-fits-all product. However, there are snow socks to suit most four-wheeled vehicles on the road today. By custom-fitting your snow socks to the tyres’ exact specifications, you’ll ensure optimal performance.

We have snow socks to accommodate most standard vehicles, including some of the most common SUVs. Before your order a pair set of snow socks, you will want to take a look at your tyres and jot down the following three figures:

  • Width (measured in millimetres)
  • Profile (measured as a percentage)
  • Diameter (measured in inches)


These will be displayed in order on the side edge of the tyre.

Snow Sock Tyre Width
Tyre width is the first of the three figures displayed on the side of the tyre. This will be a three-digit number measured in millimetres.

Snow Sock Tyre Profile
The tyre profile is the second of the three figures on the side of the tyre. It is usually separated from the tyre width by a slash. It involves two different dimensions and is determined by taking the sidewall of the tyre as a percentage of its width. The profile is sometimes referred to as the aspect ratio

Snow Sock Tyre Diameter
While the tyre width is measured in millimetres, its diameter is given in inches. As such, this should be a two digit number. It is usually preceded by an ‘R’, which stands for ‘radial’ construction.