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Fitting Snow Socks

One of the most attractive attributes of Snow Socks is the ease with which they can be fitted to your vehicle. Mounting them does not require any advanced preparation. Instead, drivers store them in their vehicle and use them when needed.

Snow Socks are made from a high-tech fibre cover that slips over the wheel of the car, increasing friction between the tire and the road. This is an important safety consideration during inclement weather, when icy, snow-covered roads present drivers with unexpected hazards.

When driving conditions deteriorate due to ice and snow, simply pull over to the shoulder and apply your emergency break. Snow Socks are compact and easily stored, and most drivers keep them under the seat or in the boot of their vehicle. Once you’ve got them in hand, they are ready to be mounted. No tools or special skills are required.

To begin, unpack the Snow Socks and slide them over the top of the tyre, working down to where the tyre meets the road. Snow Socks are equipped with an elastic band that will help to hold them in place during installation. You’ll be able to cover most of the tyre at one time. Complete mounting the Snow Socks by driving forward about three feet. You can then finish pulling the sock over the surface of the tyre.

You do not have to worry about aligning the Snow Socks after slipping them over the tyres. They will centre themselves once you start driving.