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Snow socks are made of a cutting-edge textile fibre. They are lightweight and less bulky than snow chains, but they still offer a high degree of tyre to road friction. This is why so many countries in the EU allow snow socks to be used in place of metal chains on dangerous roads.

Best of all, Snow socks can be mounted without the use of any special tools or skills. Any driver can mount a set of snow socks in just a few minutes. Roads can become slick or icy in a matter of minutes. Mounting a set of snow chains during inclement weather can be cumbersome. Snow socks, on the other hand, slide on quickly and easily. They are also self-centring.

Benefits of snow socks

Snow socks are more affordable than chains or winter tyres, and they can be used for several seasons when properly maintained. Here are some other benefits of snow socks:

  • Lightweight and easily stored
  • Machine washable
  • Usable in situations where metal chains are not (such as with alloy rims)
  • Improve ABS and other electronic systems
  • Self-centring
  • Do not cause vibrations or noise

Snow socks Background

Snow socks were originally developed in Norway, where drivers are accustomed to dealing with icy roads in winter. These are relatively new on the market but have been extensively tested by authorities in the EU. In France, for example, snow socks can be used in place of snow chains wherever B26 ‘snow chain’ signs are posted.

Snow socks have also been introduced to the UK and Irish markets with considerable enthusiasm. They are especially well-suited to this part of the world, where snow is less common but still an issue. Drivers in colder climates may do just as well to install winter tyres. However, when snow and ice are a possibility (without being inevitable), it is more convenient to carry a set of snow socks instead.

Snow Socks were the only way I got to work last winter. Our local untreated roads were impassable to most vehicles but I was able to make it safely to the main road.

Mary Daly